detail youth league committee of shanghai electric power has actively responded to azalea student aid welfare activity held by the group company.-买球app软件

youth league committee of shanghai electric power has actively responded to azalea student aid welfare activity held by the group company.

on nov. 23rd, the 3rd representative conference of youth league committee of shanghai electric power has been held in cpi advanced training center, with 65 attendants coming from various units gathering together. on this occasion, the company has responded to azalea student aid welfare activity held by the group company, and launched azalea charity selling and bidding activity. with a slogan of 鈥淰aluable goods and priceless friendship, charity selling and love transmission鈥? this activity has guided massive league members to use their actual actions to interpret the essence of 鈥渉elping others and dedicating to the society鈥? meanwhile enhanced the influence of azalea student aid activity.

 azalea student aid activity was initiated by league members of jiangxi branch of the group, aiming at caring for dropout students. currently, there are 101 students from poor families who have gained long-term financial aids. during the 8 years, the activity has experienced the growth process from a voluntary activity initiated by several youths, to an activity cultivated and guided by organizations of league and party, and the initially-participated activity by youngsters extensively. as one of the units subordinating to the group, shanghai electric power will set the launching of student aid welfare activities as the carrier, focus on caring for children of vulnerable employee families and paired aided children from poor families, rely on the interim procedures of east china branch of azalea, make its due contributions to boost the voluntary service of the company comprehensively, expand and strengthen the azalea brand, and serve and promote the development of the group company.

 the charity selling and bidding activity was well prepared. on the day of activity, league members from waigaoqiao power plant wearing red vests arrived in the station of charity selling early in the morning to arrange their nameplates and goods. those articles were valued between 50-100 yuan, featuring richness and practice; league members have successively offered their love prior to the crying of those volunteers. the activity started at 7:15. league members from various units of shanghai electric power have made generous contributions; a small long table was fully crowded by people, and half of 78 donations were sold in several minutes. although those volunteers were busy in transferring the donations for charity selling, collecting money and keeping accounts, they were so pleasant inside. in the activity, a volunteer said with emotion that 鈥淟eague members don鈥檛 concern the prices of the goods, but whether they are capable to offer their loves; their enthusiasm has made us no longer laborious, and we think it is very valuable.鈥?the whole activity lasted for a whole day, raising 4660 yuan.

 the azalea charity bidding, held during the dinner party, has pushed the whole public activity to the climax. in the activity, there were 4 precious stamp albums collected by shanghai electric power, which has recorded its journey of heart since its establishment in 2006, witnessed the glorious history of the company, as the parent power company in shanghai with the largest power capacity, exploring actively the new channels, achieving new heights bravely and realizing the strategic target of 鈥渟tanding firm in shanghai, orienting to east china and becoming stronger and better鈥? under the guidance of 鈥淭hree-step鈥?strategy of the group company. the starting price of each goods is between 100 yuan and 160 yuan; representatives of the communist youth league and the old league members on invitation have fallen over and over to bid those articles. the stamp album of 2006 named 鈥淢arching鈥?was bided from 160yuan; after the price being raised to 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 500 yuan, 800 yuan and 鈥︹€? the album was bided by an old league cadre by 1000 yuan, winning constant cheers. the charity bidding activity only lasted for 30 minutes, 4 pieces of articles with starting prices as 100 yuan have been supported by massive young league members and former league cadres, and been bided as 2700 yuan unexpectedly. 

 azalea charity bidding and selling has been stressed greatly by party and government leaders of the company, and warmly welcomed and supported by league members and former league cadres, raising 7360 yuan totally; all the money will be included in azalea poverty aid fund. the effective launching of this activity has fully demonstrated that the massive league members of the company acaring about the children of poor families, as well as their dedication spirit to help others with their own power. meanwhile, the company has called all the league members to do their best to make their own contributions to the society and people in need of help constantly, and interpreted the voluntary spirit of 鈥渄edication, friendship, mutual help and progress鈥?

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