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development strategy

  the 12th-five-year-plan is the key period for the transformation development of shanghai electric power, which has combined the actual situation, given play to its geographic advantage, focused on exploration, innovation and transformation development to implement the 1-2-3-4 strategic idea and measures, on the basis of deepening and completing the development strategy of 鈥渟tanding firm in shanghai, orienting to east china, expanding and innovating and being stronger and better鈥? that is to say that shanghai electric power, by following its guiding thought and development line, 鈥渋mplementing the development strategy to make contributions to building cpi group into the world-leading comprehensive energy enterprise鈥? has struggled to occupy the 鈥淭wo-commanding-height鈥? form the 鈥淭hree-pattern鈥? realize the 鈥淔our-transformations鈥?and focus on the in-depth exploration of 鈥渘fields of strategy implementation鈥?