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overseas expansion

during the period of the “12th-five-year-plan”, shanghai electric power has followed the three layouts of “standing firm in shanghai, orienting to east china and expanding overseas market” to expand the overseas businesses actively; focused on the mineral resources of foreign countries; strived to implementing the policy of “bringing in”; looked at the overseas power market, “gone abroad” initiatively to upgrade its ability of resource control and core competitiveness and provide with powerful external supporting for its business development in shanghai and east china.

it will actively take advantage of the overseas resources; launch power-related project investment; strengthen and accelerate the cooperative exploration and investment of coal mine with overseas enterprises particularly; establish cooperative relationships with great powers of coal resources as soon as possible, such as australia and indonesia; boost related projects; build connections with its large-scale power plants along the cast and river; expand overseas coal supply channel; effectively reduce the cost of resource utilization and upgrade its comprehensive competitiveness through the extension of industrial chain.