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sep operation holds 5th badminton game

銆€銆€recently, shangdian electric power operation co., ltd. (sep operation) held the fifth badminton game at minhang stadium, with almost 30 players from various project departments present. there were only two doubles at the game, men鈥檚 doubles and mixed doubles.

銆€銆€at 9 am, the game started with a beautiful serve of jiang fan, chairman of the labor union. after two hours鈥?intense competition, zhou jun and gao zhenhai from pudong energy project department won the men鈥檚 doubles champion with complete victory, while zhou wen and wang weidong came first in the mixed doubles.

銆€銆€it is the fifth consecutive year for sep operation to organize the badminton game for the staff, aimed at enriching the staff鈥檚 spiritual and cultural life, fostering their sentiments, enhancing their health and stimulate the enterprise鈥檚 vitality.

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