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senior shanghai official inspects sep

銆€銆€on april 21, 2015, chen yin, deputy secretary general of shanghai municipal government and party secretary of shanghai free trade zone administration commission, paid an inspection tour to the sep headquarters. present were sep chairman wang yundan, gm wang huaiming, deputy gms sun ji, sun weidong, xing lianzhong and xia meixing.

銆€銆€chairman wang extended thanks to the shanghai municipal party committee and government for the long-term care and support, especially great help given to sep in its transformation and innovation. he introduced to chen the history and recent achievements of the company, highlighting the development in renewable energy and distributed energy. he noted that sep sticks to the development path of 鈥淏ase in shanghai, domestic-oriented, expand overseas market鈥? in order to realize the transformation of the century-old enterprise. he also expounded the company鈥檚 implementation of industry restructuring and 鈥淕o global鈥?strategy as well as the philosophy of technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.

銆€銆€chen fully acknowledged sep鈥檚 contribution to the economic development of shanghai, especially its efforts in enterprise transformation and harmony, and he hoped sep could play an active role in the government鈥檚 energy reform planning from the perspective of clean energy and energy security.

銆€銆€chen also gave several suggestions to sep, including cooperation with equipment manufacturers to 鈥済o global鈥?together, more active understanding and application of related ftz policies to reduce cost, e.g. financing mode innovation.

銆€銆€also present were officials from energy division and pricing division, shanghai municipal development and reform commission, deputy chief experts as well as heads of various departments of sep.

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