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sep reinforces propagation of new safety production law, environmental protection law

on march 27, 2015, sep held a special training on safety and environment regulations, with an aim to reinforce propagation and to study and implement the new safety production law and environmental protection law of prc, which were amended in 2014 and put into effect in late 2004 and early 2015 respectively. 
    among the officials from related government departments, experts and scholars invited to give lectures were wei jun, head of total amount control division from shanghai environmental protection bureau, and professor tian sijin from college of urban construction and safety engineering, shanghai institute of technology. mr. wei introduced the results and status quo of environmental management in recent years from three aspects including the legislative background and circumstances of the new environmental protection law, the law content explanation and the specific work requirements, stressing the government鈥檚 resolution to declare war against pollution. he also expounded the major changes and the related requirements in detail.
    a total of more than 60 people attended the training, including the leaders, persons in charge and staff of safety production from department of safety and environmental supervision of sep and its affiliates and subsidiaries. through this training, the trainees learned in depth about the changes of the new laws and the requirements to the companies, increased the awareness of the importance and urgency of strengthening the safety and environmental protection work, and deepened the understanding toward performing the responsibility as an entity, which will promote safety and environmental protection work in sep and the related companies.

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