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third meeting of sixth sep board of directors, supervisors held

銆€銆€on march 25, 2015, the third session of the sixth directorate meeting and board of supervisors meeting of sep was held at the company鈥檚 headquarters in shanghai. according to the company law and the articles of association of sep, the members of board of directors and supervisors were present at the meeting. also present were the senior management and heads of related departments of sep as well as witnessing lawyers.

銆€銆€presided over by sep chairman wang yundan, the directorate meeting unanimously passed 20 resolutions including the general manager work report of 2014 and the  board of directors work report of 2014. the board of supervisors reviewed and passed 8 resolutions including the board of supervisors work report of 2014, the annual financial report of 2014 and annual financial budget of 2015.

銆€銆€the meeting agreed that the sep directorate and management team had worked diligently with standard management through the year of 2014, and exceeded the goal set at the shareholders鈥?meeting held in early 2014, with business performance creating a new high.