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sep awarded 鈥淣ational civilized company鈥?/p>

銆€銆€on february 28, 2015, the national spiritual civilization construction work commendation conference and the volunteer service conference on learning from comrade lei feng were held in the great hall of the people in beijing, where shanghai electric power co., ltd. was awarded the title of 鈥淣ational civilized company鈥?

銆€銆€in recent years, sep has been fostering the enterprise culture of 鈥淚nheritance, innovation and excellence鈥? and adhering to the idea of its parent company cpi, that is, 鈥減roviding green energy and serving the public鈥? with its ceaseless and firm steps towards the objective of 鈥淏uilding world-class energy enterprise鈥? sep has won a series of remarkable achievements in various fields such as energy saving and environmental protection, technological innovation, overseas market exploration and spiritual civilization construction. the title of 鈥淣ational civilized company鈥?marks that the company has reached a new level in its four civilization construction.

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