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cpi website: sep erp system put in operation successfully

銆€銆€on december 8, chairman wang yundan and consultant liu guangchi made personal appearance at erp project and watch the operation. seeing the successful operation of modules of finance and equipments, they congratulated the project task force and thanked for their hard work. they encourage the staff to redouble their efforts and do a good job in supporting services and ensure the orderly shift between the system and daily operations.

銆€銆€after 185 days of continuous hard work, sep erp system was put in operation successfully in the end. the five modules--- project, finance, equipment, supplies, and contracts, were all in good operation and the data were generated accurately and correctly. on that day, there were 482 businesses on this system. business transaction took place in four modules other than the module of project. in the process of operation, all the problems were finally solved after the on-site guidance made by the internal consultants and consultants sent by the providers.

銆€銆€since june 6th when sep erp project was officially launched, all the major company leaders have been concerned about the system. with the careful organization of erp working group, under the support and cooperation of the related departments and the three pilot units, all the tasks were in accordance with the implementation plan steadily. all the important operations were in good order and the erp project achieved remarkable results.

銆€銆€the successful operation of erp system is just one important step towards information construction. there are a lot of more tasks waiting for erp team, such as system improvement, optimization, promotion and enhancement. in the future, erp team will carry forward the traditional spirit and go all out to tackle tough problems and make unremitting efforts to achieve the ultimate goal--- the entire erp system is put into operation.

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