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cec experts were invited to give a talk about credit rating in electric power industry


    on september 24th, an expert group of five members, led by hao jihong, assistant to the director of cec technology centre (credit rating office), was invited to give a talk and interview about credit rating in power electric industry. general manager mr. wang huaiming, deputy general manager mr. sun ji, guo baohong and consultant liu guangchi attended this assembly, and they were interviewed by the experts.

    after interviews with all departments and data query, the experts exchanged opinions and communicated with related department directors about corporate management, quality and safety, financial management, human resources and corporate culture. at the end of the meeting, the experts spoke highly of the present management, business development and future planning of sep. what鈥檚 more important, the experts gave some valuable opinions and suggestions about risk prevention and control, development, capital structure and other important issues. for the next step, sep will follow the experts鈥?suggestions and improve management skill and level.

    designated by the ministry of commerce, the sasac and the former state electricity regulatory commission in 2008, cec began to engage in credit rating in power electric industry. presently, all the power enterprises that were earned aaa in credit rating are model enterprises in honesty, trustworthiness and compliance. credit rating will help sep speed up 鈥榝our conversion鈥?and achieve the strategic goal of 鈥榯he first one to develop into a world-class energy enterprise鈥? (division of politics and law)

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