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2014 new entrant welcome conversazione was held

    on august 20, the new entrants, who graduated from well-known domestic and foreign institutions, such as tsinghua university, zhejiang university, shanghai university of finance and economics, university of hong kong, university of glasgow, edinburgh university, gathered together and attended the 2014 new entrant welcome party in waigaoqiao power plant. they discussed how they felt since they came to sep and expressed the dream to 鈥榯ake the first step toward career steadily鈥?and 鈥榬ealize their dream in sep鈥? wang yunfei, director of hr, wan wenwei, director of waigaoqiao power plant and huang yan, deputy secretary party branch also attended this meeting. this meeting was chaired by tang bing, deputy director of hr.

    chairman wang yundan and wang huaiming, the director expressed warm welcome to the new entrants.

    chairman wang yundan elaborated the long history of shanghai electric power. with concrete examples, he made the new entrants present understand the characters of sep--- "dedicated, kind and tough鈥? for the development of sep, a common issue concerned by all entrants, he said that as a state-owned enterprise, sep and each employee should have big picture of the global electrical energy competition, new domestic economic normality, the development strategy and the sustainable development. he also pointed out that the reason why sep can stand out in a short period and is able to realize the dream of 鈥榖uild another sep by 2020鈥?is that it keeps pace with the times, continue to train and attract talents and develop markets. in this way, sep recruits more talents than power generation-related talents. there are also talents of electricity marketing, laws and foreign language, who ensure the company to develop at rapid speed. at the same time, those talents also develop with the company and realize their dreams.

    chairman wang yundan hopes that all new entrants first learn to behave t and strive to be versatile talents with multi-skill and have innovative ideas, so as to become outstanding employees making contribution to the development of sep.

    wang huaiming fully affirmed the new employees' understanding of shanghai electric power "1234" strategy. he pointed out that shanghai electric power strives to become a world-class energy enterprise, so we must have first-class technology, management and performance. in addition, we must have certain proportion of international businesses. corporate vision is a shared vision of all employees. we should have a strong sense of mission and dedication. we shall spare no wisdom and sweat to make contribution to the development of sep. he encouraged the new entrants to give full play to their talents and do a good job in their respective position. through playing an active and constructive role, they will surely stand out. he encouraged the new entrants to have the attitude of 鈥楪od help those who help themselves鈥? he said that all employees should be "hard working, diligence and thrift"---so study and work hard and live thrifty life.

    during the conversazione, a new entrant representative made a brief speech and two employees entered sep in 2013 also shared their feelings working in sep.

    from 2012 to this year, sep has recruited a total of 175 well-known university graduates who become fresh blood of shanghai electric power and driving force for sustainable development of this company.

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