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a delegation, led by lu qinzhou, investigated and surveyed turkish emba power company limited

    from august 2 to 4, lu qizhou, group general manager, yuan gang, deputy chief engineer and deputy director of thermal power department, liu zhan, director of the international department, huang guofang, deputy director of the international department, and xue jingyan, director of the general office, accompanied by chairman wang yundan and zhang yan, general manager of avic international equipment co., ltd., investigated and surveyed turkish emba power company limited. sun weidong, chairman of emba company, metairie. buhler dagon, director and general manager of emba, and heads of departments from emba and avic international also joined in this investigation and survey.

    sun weidong and mr. biller dagon introduced the progress made in hu nutelu coal-fired power projects from the aspects of licensing, financing and engineering construction. thanks to the substantial investment in turkey made by sep, many countries around turkey, such as britain, romania and georgia, began paying attention to emba. they hope sep to make investment in their domestic projects.

    lu qizhou said that this was his second visit to turkey. according to lu qizhou, from his own experiences and an instinctive intuition in electricity markets, he believed that the turkish electricity market is a relatively attractive. chinese enterprises can not only focus on epc. especially for such a large company as china power investment group mainly based investment, we should not only focus on epc, but investment as well. what鈥檚 more, we should make select power plant project with best quality. he believes that investments made 鈥嬧€媜verseas power plant has several prerequisites: first, the market demand is strong; second. the market itself is open and ruled by laws; third, the enterprises themselves have a strong competitive edge; and fourth, the enterprises shall have reliable partners in the local areas. these requirements are all available in turkey. sep is china's oldest electric power company and one of asia's oldest electricity companies. it has 130 years of history.  it is located in shanghai, a window to the outside world and an international metropolitan in china. sep has high quality staff. as a listed company held by cpi, shanghai electric power has experienced trials and hardships. now it seems correct for sep to invest in turkey and cooperate with emba.

    lu qizhou also proposed the following requirements on work at different stages:

    before the project starts, it should be in accordance with turkish law and complete all project procedures, including the chinese domestic feasibility acceptance. the financing should have lower cost. the banks should provide long term service. sep shall try to make this project a model in turkey and even europe both in design and equipment procurement.

    during the construction phase of the project works, we must work together with local partners so as to put into operation in advance as possible as we can. if conditions permit, we shall start the project at the end of this year; secondly, the availability of after completion of the project should be up to more than 95%. as long as there is need in market, we can provide electricity. therefore, in terms of design, equipments and construction, we should choose the best enterprises. we should ensure the available rate and maintain the trust of shareholders party; finally, regarding the cost, we should give full play into the every penny.

    in the operation stage, first of all, we should have a very good management operation team. china power investment corporation and shanghai electric power can provide management and technical supports. a lot supports still have to rely on local forces. so at the beginning, there will be more chinese staff. in the future, more staff should come from the local areas. second, we should maintain the team sustainably attractive. both chinese and turkish staff should act in accordance with the laws; third, turkey is a competitive electricity market, and now we should be ready to begin selling electricity. the operations should comply with local laws, and we must handle well the relationship between stakeholders. 

    chairman wang yundan said that this project is not just a project, it is also a milestone. shanghai electric power and emba shall do a good job in accordance with the requirements of lu qizhou, the general manager.

    on the morning of august 4, accompanied by yu hongyang, chinese ambassador to turkey zhu guangyao, the commercial counselor, and lu qizhou met with tanai er. mazzy, the turkish energy minister.

    lu qizhou introduced mr. minster the progress made by cpi and the overseas development strategy. he said that focused on the project in turkey, sep will undertake the financing and development. he expressed thanks to turkey government for the supports in the course of project development. lu qizhou promised to do everything possible to make this project the best on in turkey.

    mr. minister said that turkeys鈥?and china鈥檚 economy develops at rapid speed and there are strong demands for energy. based on coal and power cooperation, turkey and china should exchange more in the fields of coal and power generation. there is still more room for cooperation in solar energy and nuclear power. he expressed welcome to cpi and hope chinese enterprise make more investment in turkey. in addition, he believed that cpi will surely be successful in turkey and the turkish government will continue to provide strong support.


    on the afternoon of august 4, mustafa, the president of turkey鈥檚 energy supervision commission, met lu qizhou. regarding the cooperation-based coal project in hu nutelu, lu qizhou said that the project was designed in accordance with the present highest standards in china and eu environmental protection. the project will be a model power plant in turkey with the highest environmental standard, optimal efficiency and reliability. the project employs the local employees and chinese government will provide management and technical supports. once putting in operation, the project will be localized in the shortest possible time.

    mustafa, the president of turkey鈥檚 energy supervision commission hoped sep to make more investment in turkey鈥檚 energy field and expected more chance to cooperate.

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