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sep held the meeting with 2013 fresh new recruits

    the new entrants spoke enthusiastically and the company leaders tirelessly counsel. on october 11, on the 2013 new entrant symposium held by the human resources department at waigaoqiao power plant, 59 new entrants, chairman wang yundan and general manager liu guangchi shared their reflections on life, recalled youthful days and talked about career planning. these new entrants graduated from prestigious universities of china, britain, america, france and germany. this symposium lasted nearly three hours and in the end the company leaders gave book the power of habit to the new entrants as present. wang yunfei, the manager of human resources department, ni huangyan, secretary to league branch and wan wenwei, the general manger of waigaoqiao power plant attended this symposium. the vice director of human resources department served as the moderator at this symposium.
    the general manager liu guangchi told the new entrants that 鈥榠n recent years, shanghai electric power (sep) experienced great adjustments in strategies and the industrial structure shifted greatly. the company makes great efforts in 鈥榞o global鈥?and speeds its step. the company businesses are thriving, which needs diversified talents, including professionals in fields of power generation, finance, language and laws. this is a chance for you to choose this company.鈥?鈥榊ou made correct decisions to join shanghai electric power (sep) and the company also has much expectation of you.鈥?he raised four requirements to those new entrants: first, develop a strong loyalty to the company, adjusting the relationship between the individual and the enterprise; second, establish a goal to be the technology leader and come down to earth to lay a good foundation; third, have true understanding of the company culture, keep vigorous and innovation; and fourth, work steadily, avoid aiming too high, have positive work attitude, rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength and work together to make the 鈥榙ream of shanghai electric power (sep) 鈥?come true.
    amid warm applauses, with accurate data, informative cases and humorous rhetoric, chairman wang yundan talked around the theme 鈥榟eritage, innovation and excellence鈥?and elaborated the development history and bright future of shanghai electric power (sep). he spoke highly of the new entrants鈥?determination to join shanghai electric power (sep) and make contribution to the company. he also pointed out that shanghai electric power (sep) is century-old company which experienced the world power generation history. this heritage is reflected not only in the past, more in the current. he took the project in iraq as example: in very difficult circumstances, the employees of shanghai electric power (sep) made great contribution to the post-war recovery of iraq with 鈥楽anqian spirit鈥?and superb technologies. one hundred years ago, one watt power needed three kilograms of coals in shanghai. now, coal consumption in caojing power plant only is 281 g/kwh. in addition, the cost and schedules of shanghai electric power (sep) are far better than that in other developed countries.
    the significance of heritage lies in development while the strength of devilment lies in innovation. combing the achievements made by the company in innovation practices, he pointed out that all majors are not different in their importance in the big picture of company development. only with a thankful heart, a sense of responsibility, forging innovation, especially innovative thinking and pragmatic work style can one realize the value of youth. he also introduced the permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine, thin-film photovoltaic panels, n-type monocrystalline silicon, ccs and ccus carbon capture and storage, stainless super301h, ultra-supercritical technology, h-class gas turbine and brown coal quality improvement. the new entrants benefited a lot from the introduction of these advance innovative technologies. he expressed his hope that the new entrants work with other young employees to master the golden chances of company development, work hard and create more brilliant achievements.
  鈥楾he well produces no oil without pressure and a person becomes languid without pressure鈥? he quoted the words of wang jinxi (known as 'iron man' wang, who led no. 1205 drilling team on oilfield.) to encourage the new entrants to assume responsibility, make contributions, accumulate technology skills and put ones鈥?talent into practice and develops personally with the company.
  鈥楾he world is yours as well as ours, but in the last analysis, it is yours. you young people, full of vigor and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. our hope is placed on you.鈥?in the end, he quoted the words from the speech made by chairman mao zedong in moscow university in 1957 to encourage the new entrants to keep vigorous, modest and prudent and work hard to make contribution to realize the 鈥楩our transformations鈥?and build shanghai electric power (sep) a world-class energy company.
    before this symposium, the company leaders and the new entrants took a group photo to mark the occasion.

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