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shanghai electric power was ranked on the 3rd session deloitte china risk intelligence list.

on the 3rd session deloitte china risk intelligence list published by deloitte on june 8th, shanghai electric power received the award of comprehensive strength and annual practice award of risk management, being highly recognized by deloitte, a professionally international consulting organization, due to its excellent risk management, overall risk management system and flexible risk management response.

the judging panel of the 3rd session deloitte china risk intelligence list believed that shanghai electric power, by integrating the demand of overall risk management requested by state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the fundamental norms of internal control requested by five ministries and the demand of overall strategic development of the company, has formulated a set of long-and-medium term planning of risk management; by virtue of gradual promotion and infiltration, shanghai electric power has integrated risk management into its business management, demonstrated the internal control in the daily work and built up the comprehensive risk management and internal control system based on 鈥淭hree lines of defense鈥? successfully creating a company 鈥渨ith system, institution, measure and implementation鈥?and ensu the sustainable and sound development of the company.    

    deloitte china risk intelligence list, based on the special 鈥渞isk intelligence鈥?concept owned by deloitte global, has organized specialists in the field of the theory and practice of risk management, to appraise and elect advanced chinese enterprises from the perspective of comprehensive risk management, providing a high-level communication platform of risk management for chinese enterprises. in this session, there were 25 enterprises winning award of comprehensive strength, 10 of which have won the individual award of risk intelligent achievement. prize winners, distributed in multiple industries, including consumer electronics industry, energy industry, mining industry, pharmaceuticals industry, communications industry, chemical industry and finance industry, were large-scale enterprise groups with their own features and advantages in risk management, having successfully implemented the comprehensive risk management.

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