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liu guangchi went to tianji power plant to examine and supervise safety production

august 14th was another hot day. liu guangchi, general manager of shanghai electric power, launched an inspection and supervision on the safety production of tianji power plant. after listening to the summary given by pan longxing, manager of the plant, liu guangchi pointed that there were several major and serious accidents happened in china in the first half of this year, leading to the severe situation of safety production; therefore, national leaders have made important instructions: development can never be at the cost of people鈥檚 lives. major inspections on safety production have been launched around the country, to fully troubleshoot hidden dangers of safety production without any blind angle or muddling through, making 鈥渮ero tolerance鈥?response to all the problems being found, and this is the great background of this inspection and supervision. liu guangchi has confirmed the practice of tianji power plant in terms of implementing the related document spirits formulated by china power investment group and shanghai electric power, timely arranging and launching various inspections on safety production, responsibility assignment and making careful rectification and close-loop operation of the problems found in the spring inspection and summer inspection. meanwhile, he requested that tianji power plant shall pay constant attention to the hot weather situation, make irregular supervision and inspection on unfixed points of the equipments and systems of the production field and the safety and civilized production of tianji power plant phase ii, strengthen the safety of key fields, strengthen the governance and troubleshooting of hidden dangers without any blind angel or dead zone. in terms of equipments and devices under construction, being installed or to be entering the peak phase of 鈥渢hree-in-one combination鈥?of subsystem equipment testing, supervision and guidance shall be strengthened to the construction organizations, which shall conduct tracking management, strengthen inspections on production field and construction site, pay close attention of safety production constantly, and completely eradicate any insecurity accidents led by relaxed mental defense/

then, the supervision team went to the operation department and production team to check the records and machine account.

 tianji power plant insists on putting the security of workers and equipments priority, pays attention to implementation and actual effect during the process of great inspection; by focusing on integrating the unit maintenance of the first half of this year, connecter construction of phase i and phase ii of major reconstruction project of denitration and desulfuration system and interface debugging of uhv transmission line, tianji power plant shall inspect the habitual acts in violation of regulations in the maintenance site; the implementation of 鈥淭wo tickets and three systems鈥? the management of special equipments and safety production equipments; maintenance technique and discipline and technical quality; technical measures and safety measures of major hazardous operation; the implementation of supervision system of on-spot operation; the implementation of safety management and responsibility of outsourced companies; and implementation of leaders on duty, etc. in the campaign of safety production retrospection, tianji power plant shall, according to regulations and rules, problems found in past inspections and actual situation of the production field, has inspected whether the safety awareness of employees has been enhanced, on-spot violation has been under control, problems being found have been completely rectified and the troubleshooting of hidden dangers have covered all the aspects, etc. 

 the preparation office of phase ii set july as the month of safety and civilized production rectification, aiming at inspecting employees鈥?awareness, clearing up their emotions, adjusting the team, checking the production field, correcting the violation behaviors and improving the environment to ensure daily safety in the construction progress, so as the ensure the realization of the safety, quality and schedule of the phase ii project.

related personnel of production technology department and safety and environmental protection department of shanghai electric power have participated in the supervision. (wang yanli)

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