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wang yundan participated in the on-line road show of 2013 semiyearly report of public companies.

on august 30th, wang yudan, chairman of shanghai electric power, was interviewed in the studio of, to participate in the on-line road show of 2013 semiyearly report of public companies. wang yundan has made completed and in-depth answers to the questions from the perspectives of semi-annual performance growth, progress in terms of clean energy development and measure of energy-saving and environmental protection power generation of shanghai electric power, concerned by public investors.

according to the introduction of wang yundan, shanghai electric power has achieved a net profit of 469 million yuan belonging to the shareholders of the public company, increased by 53% on year-on-year basis; realized a total profit over 900 million yuan, increased by 50% on year-on-year basis; shanghai electric power pays great attention to the following work: the first is to ensure the sound and stable operation of power units through strengthening equipment management, constantly optimize the unit operation and maintenance schedule, try its best to strive for effective power generation; the second is to effectively control the fuel cost strictly through strengthening the co-combustion amount of low-heating-value coal; in the first half of this year, shanghai electric power has further increased its" class=msonormal> 

in terms of clean energy development and energy saving and environmental protection, wang yundan mentioned that shanghai electric power focuses on enhancing the proportion of the application of clean energy, accelerating the development and construction of new energy projects; it is expected that there will be 2 wind power projects and several solar power projects put into production this year; in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, shanghai electric power, through pilot attempt, has launched the pm2.5 particulate matter governance, wet dust removal and bag-type dust removal initiatively in the coal-fired power plants around the country, making its due contributions to the 鈥渂luer sky and cleaner water鈥?and the beautiful chinese dream.

 about the purchasing of baosteel luojing gas turbine, wang yundan told the journalist that purchasing baosteel luojing gas turbine will further optimize the power structure of shanghai electric power and promote its share in the power generation market of gas turbine peak-load regulation, and be significant to enhance the reliable power supply of the whole power system in shanghai and the level of low-carbon clean energy power generation; the reserved near 500 mu land to be developed will be the strategic storage land of shanghai electric power.

this road show, organized by shanghai securities regulatory bureau and co-hosted by, is themed as 鈥淚 invest and i participate in鈥? aiming at launching communication and interaction between investors and public companies. is the largest financial and economic wet portable in china, wining firm trust of investors and financial institutions with extensive market influence.

 personnel accompanying wang yundan in the interview include zou yi, director of securities department, shanghai electric power, and other related staff.

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