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china electric power news: small families, big love, warm hearts

on august 22, 2021, on the island of malta, the center of the mediterranean sea in southern europe, 9400 kilometers away from china, the staff of sepm, an overseas sub-subsidiary of spic, held a cooking competition. both chinese and foreign employees made dumplings together, which provided an opportunity for chinese employees to relieve their nostalgia and for foreign employees to learn more about the chinese culture.

in addition to the cooking competition, sepm "staff home" organized knowledge contests, english training for chinese staff, online chinese lessons for foreign staff, health lectures, etc. on a regular basis to deepen cultural integration continuously. the warm "staff home" has become a safe haven for chinese staff and an overseas classroom for foreign staff to understand the chinese culture.

"we focus on the staff of remote new energy power plants, those of the power plants located in the key areas of new industries, new patterns and new business forms and those at the sites of overseas projects. we hope to convey the care and concern of spic party leadership group to every employee at the grassroots level," said a relevant leader of spic.

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