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spic website: sep hunutlu thermal power plant main building roof sealing completed on schedule in turkey

at 5 pm local time on april 29, 2021, with the installation of the last roof deformation joint plate, the main building roof of sep hunutlu thermal power plant was sealed as scheduled in turkey, marking another milestone accomplished by the project department despite all difficulties.

the construction period of the project coincided with the local rainy season. with continuous rainfall until mid-april this year, accompanied by the mediterranean trade winds, the project construction was forced to stop frequently. especially the project is located on the coast of the mediterranean sea and on a platform more than 60 meters above sea level, where the sea wind becomes strong from noon every day, and thus affects the erection work. in addition, as the domestic covid-19 vaccines had not been open to the general public in the previous period, the chinese construction personnel could not be sent to the site because they could not receive the vaccination. as a result, the construction work had to be delegated to the local construction team. however, due to the weak skills, low work efficiency and high turnover rate of local staff, the construction was proceeding very slowly.

in order to complete the project goal on schedule, the project leaders organized special coordination meetings several times, and required the construction unit to integrate resources and increase input in manpower and equipment. they went to the construction site to give instructions and coordinate the management of machinery, materials and sites. the relevant professional staff stayed on site around the clock to guide the installation work, find problems and deal with them in time. the safety management department held several joint inspections with careful examination on the construction electricity, machinery safety, edge protection, etc., did not let go of any hidden safety hazards, and found the problems and rectified them timely.

as an old saying goes, with one mind, we can cut through the gold. following many days of continuous hard work, the main building roof of the two units was finally sealed and waterproofed on schedule. the project department will press ahead with firm confidence, solidarity and unremitting efforts, and march towards the next milestone.

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