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xinmin evening news: sep offers rmb 70m reward for talents to accomplish great tasks

"a reward of rmb 70 million will be offered, with a maximum of rmb 1 million for individuals!" that was the big news from sep party committee meeting held recently.

just as a stone stirs up a thousand waves, the news has been widely discussed within the company for a while. it was out of everyone's expectation that sep party committee took out an additional 70 million yuan reward on top of the 90 million yuan budget for all types of awards just at the beginning of the year of the ox, so as to inspire the staff to carry forward the "spirit of the ox", i.e., serving the people as willing steers, blazing new trails in development as pioneering bulls and engaging in an arduous struggle as hardworking oxen, and accomplish outstanding tasks, become excellent talents and score prominent awards with great ambitions and tremendous efforts.

according to zhang yiqun, deputy director of sep human resources department, the company's leadership led the relevant departments to hold a brainstorming session on the incentive matters the day before returning to work after the spring festival holiday. "the meeting was held in a festive and warm atmosphere, with the amount of reward increased from 58 million yuan to 70 million yuan step by step, the highest individual award raised to 1 million yuan from 300,000 yuan and the number of reward matters added to 11 from 9."

regarding the doubt whether the reward of 70 million yuan was too much, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong said categorically, "it is our ample reward that will stimulate people's subjective efforts and make the impossible possible, and we should make the reward impressive and inspiring enough. assessment and incentives should not be carried out by 'spreading thinly everywhere', and those goals that are comparatively easy to achieve will no longer be regarded as reward matters. to do a good job is the due responsibility, while those fail to complete them will be held accountable."

"the 11 tasks to be rewarded this year are all highly difficult, mainly involving the three major categories of development, operation and management improvement, which will profoundly affect the company's development in the 14th five-year plan period (2021-2025) and are of great challenge and strategic significance." according to sep president wei juliang, the related tasks include the following: the company's clean energy proportion to reach the average level of spic in 2021; seven integrated smart energy projects in key areas to start construction; the asset-liability ratio at the end of the year to accomplish the assessment target of spic; the completion of the annual asset disposal goal; each loss-making unit to turn around; the aggregate profits of renewable energy quality and efficiency improvement to reach 60 million yuan, along with several management breakthrough and improvement tasks.

it is worth mentioning that the amount of the reward for development category is up to 30 million yuan, of which the first place is to improve the proportion of clean energy. it means that the scale of clean energy to be put into operation within this year will exceed the total of that directly controlled by the company in the past years. faced with such a demanding target, some employees admitted that they were under enormous pressure, but the reward offered would motivate them to exert utmost strength. hu jiandong believed that as long as everyone exerted their utmost strength, the company's goal of a comprehensive green and clean transformation would certainly be achieved, and it could also contribute more to shanghai's objective of striving to peak carbon emissions by 2025.

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