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spic news: 8 years at shanghai expo park, zhang zhiheng widens circle of friends

in 2012, zhang zhiheng became a specialist in shanghai expo energy project department of wujing power plant, and was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the "river source" distributed energy system in the expo's urban best practice area (ubpa). because of his excellent performance at work, zhang was promoted to the deputy project manager in 2014. having worked in the expo area for eight years, zhang and his team have increased the operating economic indicator of the "river source" distributed energy project by almost 30 percent, achieving the high efficiency, low carbon and green energy features. zhang's "circle of friends" has also become larger. in the same time, the service scope of the project department has expanded from ubpa in puxi, or the west of the huangpu river, in the beginning, to the expo axis area in pudong, and the service content has also developed from the o&m of "river source" project to nine projects such as the rooftop pv o&m. the expo project department has become a model in distributed energy for wujing power plant.

zhang zhiheng never stops moving forward. in september 2020, he flew to malta to participate in the application for eu's innovation fund for the zero carbon island project.

on october 29, 2020, zhang successfully completed the final version of the technical proposal for submission to eu, and coordinated with the application process. on november 22, he led the team to complete the final draft of the domestic version of the feasibility study report, and submitted it to sep. "i would like to apply my previous practical experience in the expo project to the zero carbon island project and push forward the implementation of the project as soon as possible," said zhang, full of confidence in the future work.

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