detail spic news: spic commends 15 model shift teams including jiangsu new energy jiawang o&m team-买球app软件

spic news: spic commends 15 model shift teams including jiangsu new energy jiawang o&m team

on december 16, 2021, spic held a commendation meeting for the first batch of demonstration shift teams in 2020 and a seminar on the construction of shift teams in south china's guangxi zhuang autonomous region. a total of 69 people from 15 subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries of spic attended the meeting.

at the commendation meeting, spic commended 15 shift teams and granted medals to them, including the o&m team of wuling power jinweizhou hydropower plant, chemical test team of china power pingwei power generation, electrical secondary team of henan company kaifeng power generation, fifth operation shift of guangxi company changzhou hydropower, comprehensive maintenance team of qingtongxia branch power maintenance workshop, relay protection team of inner mongolia tongliao huolinhe pithead power generation, thermal control team of sep caojing power generation project department, a team of huanghe hydropower ibc battery manufacturing branch, shiyazi power plant of guizhou jinyuan qianbei hydropower, second operation shift of shandong nuclear power operation department unit 2, electrical distribution team of jilin electric power baicheng power generation equipment department, second shift of central control of jiangxi company jingdezhen power generation workshop, boiler proper team of northeast company qinghe power generation boiler maintenance department, jiangsu new energy jiawang o&m team, beijing company damaoqi maintenance and inspection center team. spic also put forward a few requirements for the next-step work of model team construction as follows: effectively reduce the burden for the shift team, liberate the productivity of the shift teams, reduce the burden in the process of team construction, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the model teams, promote the overall improvement of team construction work within the system, boost the institutionalization and normalization of model teams, unify the construction standards, continuously optimize and improve them, and strive to achieve the goal of more than 90% of model teams reaching the construction standards by 2025.

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