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spic website: sep operation pancevo project station service receives power successfully in serbia

at 3:46 pm local time on november 6, 2020, sep operation completed a major milestone for pancevo power plant project in serbia, as the 6 kv station service system received power at one go successfully. teto, the project owner, and sec, the general contractor of the project, witnessed this important milestone together with the leaders of several companies participating in the project construction.

in order to ensure the successful completion of the power receiving for the power plant station service, all the staff of the project department stationed in serbia adhered to the principle of neglecting neither epidemic prevention nor commissioning, worked overtime on the eve of the power receiving, examined the conditions of power receiving equipment carefully on site and assisted the project's general contractor sec in accepting the major inspection of various aspects of work before the power receiving by the project owner teto. in view of the participation of the project owner for the power receiving, the project department had compiled both chinese and english versions of the power receiving operation ticket, anti-accident measures, technical measures and other documents, and made constructive suggestions on the modifications to the protection and logic of the 6 kv distribution cabinet, which were highly recognized by sec. moreover, in order to guarantee the one-time success of the receiving work, the project department carried out several simulating exercises in strict accordance with the receiving procedure before the receiving, and communicated and cooperated closely with all parties, which provide strong assurance for the smooth implementation of the receiving work.

the successful receiving of electricity for the power plant station service marks that the subsequent commissioning work will be fully accelerated. the project department will strictly follow the requirements for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control by spic, sep and sep operation, and work together with various participating units to promote the commercial operation of the project at an early date to benefit the serbian people!

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