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spic website: sep caojing cogeneration awarded aaa-class credit electricity enterprise

recently, china electricity council (cec) officially announced the document titled "notice of cec on announcement of third batch of rating results of preliminary evaluation and re-evaluation of credit enterprises for electricity industry in 2020", and publicized the list of the third batch of credit enterprises in 2020 to the society. caojing cogeneration was included in the list of "aaa-class credit enterprise in electricity industry", indicating the fruitful result of the power plant's adherence to the contractual and creditworthy work and promoting the enterprise development with integrity over the years.

the credit evaluation of the power industry is an important task carried out by cec in accordance with the spirit of the "opinions on construction of social credit system" by the state council and the relevant requirements of the ministry of commerce, the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and the national energy administration on the construction of the industry market integrity system. through the submission of evaluation materials, on-site interviews, technical committee voting, online publicity and other related procedures, the credit management enterprises with a, aa and aaa ratings have been strictly selected, which is of great significance to strengthening the construction of the entire social credit system, and moreover, has a large influence and credibility in the industry.

from june 9-10, 2020, the cec credit evaluation panel  conducted an on-site evaluation of electricity enterprise credit on caojing cogeneration. the experts of the evaluation team carried out corporate credit verification through field visits, data review and employee interviews from four aspects including corporate management, human resources management, safety and quality management and financial management. the panel at the scene fully affirmed the achievements of caojing cogeneration in credit system construction. finally, following a series of selections and strict reviews by the technical committee in the later stage, caojing cogeneration was awarded the aaa-class credit enterprise in electricity industry.

having been granted the aaa credit rating fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of caojing cogeneration, greatly improved the market competitiveness, was conducive to caojing cogeneration in further broadening the market channels in smart energy services for shanghai chemical industry park and the construction of science and technology innovation center, and presented a shining business card of integrity while providing high-quality clean energy for the customers.

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