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spic website: sep pingnan 'tariff protection' wind power project connected to grid with full capacity

on august 2, 2020, sep's onshore wind power project in pingnan county, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, completed the grid connection commissioning of all the wind turbine generators (wtgs), realized grid synchronization with full capacity, and thus ensured the successful completion of the "tariff protection" task. the project installed 23 sets of 2.65 mw wtgs, and had an installed capacity of 60.95 mw and designed annual on-grid power output of 118.9 million kwh.

the project started construction on june 28, 2019, and finished the transportation and hoisting work of all the 23 wtgs by may 9, 2020. the project was suspended on january 17, 2020 due to the chinese new year, and its original work resumption plan in february was hampered due to the epidemic, and thus the subsequent transportation, hoisting and electrical installation work was unable to be implemented as planned. moreover, according to the historical rainfall situation, pingnan area would enter the traditional rainy season in may, with frequent rainfall for four months, which would have a huge impact on the transportation and hoisting work of wtgs.

in order to ensure the smooth construction as scheduled, the project insisted on "one project, one policy" in accordance with the requirements of "equipment and materials in place", "external conditions in place", "construction units in place" and "on-site work safety and epidemic prevention measures in place", adjusted measures to local conditions, and focused on epidemic prevention and control and project resumption in an coordinated manner. the project team actively communicated with the related local government departments and paid attention to the local epidemic prevention requirements and policies related to resumption of work and production. through unremitting efforts, they obtained the government notice on work resumption first among the local projects under construction and resumed on-site construction on march 6.

according to the staged resumption plan, the equipment transportation and hoisting personnel entered the site in the first stage, the on-site erection of all the wtgs was completed on may 9, and thus completed the task of hoisting wtgs before the arrival of the rainy season and ensured the smooth implementation of the next-step construction on site. the second stage involved the organization of equipment commissioning, electrical installation of wtgs, cable laying work, with the static commissioning of all wtgs completed in june. since first wtg was connected to the grid on july 23, it took 10 days to finish the dynamic commissioning and gird connection of all wtgs. based on the estimation of feasibility study, the annual power generation of the project is 118,913,000 kwh after commercial operation.

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