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spic news: improving rate of reaching standard power curve to increase power generation

background description: the actual power curve of individual wind turbines at the wind farm may not reach the theoretical power curve at different times due to various reasons such as wind measurement accuracy and control logic, which may cause the power generation of wind turbines to be lower than the theoretical value and greatly affect the power generation revenue.

suggested measures: the actual power curve of wind turbines is closely related to the wind measurement accuracy, control logic, fixed maintenance quality, etc., so we should strengthen the attention to the performance of the wind turbine power curve meeting the standard, improve the rate of meeting the standard for the actual power curve of the wind turbine, and utilize the wind energy to the greatest extent, in order to improve power generation.

specific measures: 1. strengthen the inspection and maintenance of wind measurement equipment in terms of the alignment angle and anti-interference performance of wind measurement instruments to ensure the accuracy of wind measurement and provide accurate wind measurement data for the wind turbine control strategy; 2. strengthen the annual maintenance quality of main equipment such as wind turbine yaw, variable pitch and frequency converter in terms of personnel technical level, spare parts admission quality and maintenance process specification; 3. conduct comparative analysis between the actual power curve and the theoretical power curve for each wind turbine on a regular (e.g., monthly) basis.

revenue expectation: take the zero setting of no. 4 wind turbine blade of dafeng offshore wind power project for example, under the condition of the average wind speed of 6.22 m/s and the utilization hours of 2,514 in 2019, the annual power generation of no. 4 wind turbine can be increased by about 1 million kwh, equivalent to an increase in revenue of rmb 850,000.

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