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spic news: focusing on integrated smart energy construction in industry park to increase energy utilization

background description: caojing cogeneration is equipped with two ge 9fa gas turbine combined cycle units, operating in the mode of combined heat and power cogeneration with power generation determined by heat demand, mainly providing clean and efficient steam, electricity and demineralized water for shanghai chemical industry park (scip). in order to ensure the external competitiveness and improve the economic, social and environmental benefits of the company, caojing cogeneration seizes the opportunity of building the energy center of the science and innovation base of scip, further coordinates the energy supply of the industry park and strives to become the leader of regional energy supply.

suggested measures: to coordinate with the construction of integrated energy system, build an integrated energy system based on smart grid, interconnected with various types of networks such as heat pipe network and natural gas pipe network, with collaborative transformation of multiple energy forms and coordinated operation of centralized and distributed energy, which conducts integrated production and dispatch of various energy forms such as cooling, heat and electricity, so as to maximize the energy utilization rate and power generation efficiency.

specific measures: 1. optimize the cooling and heating supply system; 2. build distributed ground and rooftop pv power generation systems; 3. update the battery energy storage system.

economic expectation: by providing integrated services of cooling, heating and electricity to the users of the innovation base of scip, the power demand to the external power grid can be reduced by about 24 million kwh, which is equivalent to about 7,200 tons of standard coal consumption according to the calculation of 300g/kwh, lowering carbon emission by about 4,800 tons, equivalent to lowering 120 tons of so2, 110 tons of nox and 70 tons of dust, effectively reducing the emission of pollutants, providing energy-saving and emission reduction services for the government, creating a greener, more efficient and wiser modern technological energy supply mode, with an exemplary role of multi-energy complementary, green and wise energy. in terms of profitability, the project could increase power generation by 1,900 mwh per year.

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