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spic news: smart energy practice in shanghai

sep attaches great importance to the development of integrated smart energy, and has incorporated it into its strategy, and integrated it into the construction of spi, jykj and sdsj systems, which are being vigorously promoted.

the first piece of experience is to plan, move and  according to the situation. the times produce their heroes, and "the winner takes it all" and "the one who persists wins" are the only rules of market competition. "creating value for customers" is the key to the success of integrated smart energy projects. we need to firmly grasp the core of "letting customer have benefits", in order to achieve mutual integration of wisdom and common value increase. in the development mode, we should adhere to the five words of "find, select, grab, stick and change". regarding the customer experience, we should insist on satisfying customers' requirements for "low cost and high quality". in terms of overall innovation, we should persist in technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation.

the second piece of experience is to establish a unique know-how system and improve the right of speech. in terms of technology commercialization, we have learned to find uncertainty amid uncertainty, find certainty amid uncertainty, and lock risks, discover opportunities and find value through customization with combinations of different technologies, customer needs and business models. for example, caojing cogeneration project, new bund energy center project, and hongqiao fund town dc microgrid project have all achieved good economic and social benefits.

our vision is to strive to become a pioneer and pacesetter. at present, sep has already tasted the sweetness in this field, and will devote more resources to striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter in the implementation of "first-class strategy in 2035" and the construction of "energy ecosystem integrator" by pooling the strength of the whole company. in future, our vision is to follow suit and accelerate the exploration and practice of technology development, and endeavor to take the lead. meanwhile, we will be excellent in shanghai, based on the yangtze river delta region, and actively explore other domestic and international markets. and we will further explore cross-border cooperation, and continue to innovate business models through greenfield and m&a with independent development and cooperative development in parallel, in order to create our own "accelerated speed".

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