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spic website: sep tianji power plant tackles poplar catkin woes to ensure safe operation of units

recently, with the rising temperature, poplar catkins has been flying all over huainan, anhui province, for several days. considering the potential safety hazards that may be caused by the rampant poplar catkins, sep tianji power plant is going all out to deal with them and prevent them, and taking multiple measures to carry out cleaning, flushing and preventive work to ensure the safe and stable operation of the units.

in the cooling tower area of the power plant, the accumulation of a large quantity of poplar catkins can easily clog the filter screen in front of the circulating water pump, resulting in high differential pressure of the filter screen, poor effect of open cooling water system, and affect the safe operation of the unit. to address this situation, the operation staff continued to strengthen the inspection and monitoring from the beginning of the flying catkin season, kept an eye on the changes of differential pressure parameters of the equipment filters and the cooling water temperature, and increased the inspection frequency of outdoor equipment and important areas such as hydrogen station, ammonia station and oil depot, so as to ensure to find out the hidden danger of equipment caused by the adsorption of poplar catkins the first time.

the personnel from various professions of production technology department of the power plant kept close contact with the operation personnel, standing by 24 hours a day to conduct the  flushing work of the filter screen in front of the circulating pump and the filter screen related to open cooling water system according to the monitoring parameters and the requirements of the operation professionals, so as to prevent and deal with the hidden dangers. electrical and thermal control professionals adhered to the work principle of "early detection, early cleaning and early treatment", carried out inspections focused on the main transformer area, outdoor motors, distribution cabinets, power boxes and other equipment around the power plant with timely cleaning, took the initiative to work overtime during the most serious period of flying catkins to clean the main transformer, the plant high-voltage transformer, the start-up transformer and other heat dissipation devices on a regular basis, and to strengthen the inspection of outdoor motors and boiler fan air inlet filter network and make sure to clean up whenever the catkins are found on site.

in addition, the production and management personnel of the plant paid close attention to the condition of flying poplar catkins outside and inside the plant building, and organized outsourcing contractors to increase the frequency of cleaning the poplar catkins in the plant area at any time based on the on-site situation, in order to reduce the flying catkins and to ensure that the civilized production level of the site will not be affected due to the outbreak of the poplar catkins. meanwhile, the power plant required the maintenance personnel to reinforce the cleaning of poplar catkins with various outdoor air conditioners and air treatment devices, so as to prevent the catkins from affecting the communication network and precision instruments. the staff at all positions always kept the doors and windows of production plants, air compressor rooms, circulating water pump rooms and other production sites closed, and cleaned up the corners where poplar catkins are likely to accumulate in a timely manner to eliminate fire safety hazards and strict prevent fire accidents.

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