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spic website: caojing power plant receives port construction fee reduction of rmb 4.845m

at the second spic party leadership group (enlarged) meeting on april 10, 2020, qian zhimin, secretary of party leadership group and chairman, put forward the five requirements of "grasping with two hands, double benchmarking, using policies, focusing on projects and being bold in exploring". sep caojing power plant actively implemented "using policies", seized the policy opportunity, made good use of the "policy dividend", and has received a total of rmb 4.845 million reduction in port construction fees from the shanghai municipal commission of commerce and the ministry of transport.

according to spic's principle of "understanding the policy thoroughly, analyzing the industry format, sorting out the main line, and promoting the layout", caojing power plant assigned special personnel to connect with the leaders of relevant departments, analyzed, studied and refined the tasks in a timely manner. at the end of january, the power plant received the notice from jinshan maritime bureau that shanghai municipal commission of commerce issued a "notice on implementation of 2019 port construction fee reduction policies and measures in shanghai" to the effect that  20% of the port construction fee paid to shanghai maritime safety administration within the scope of shanghai port from january 1 to december 31, 2019 can be refunded to the payers via application, in order to reduce the burden of enterprises during the period of fighting the epidemic. in mid-march, china's maritime safety administration issued a "notice on phased reduction and exemption of port construction fee and vessel oil pollution damage compensation fund by maritime safety administration of ministry of transport", according to which the oil pollution damage compensation fund for ships is levied in half, and the port construction fee is waived for exported and imported goods, effective from 0 am on march 1, 2020 to 12 pm on june 30, 2020, with an aim to improve the prevention and control of covid-19, promote the smooth operation of the economy and society, and support the enterprises in resuming work and production. therefore, finance department and other related departments of the power plant acted promptly, and mastered the policy and operation procedures timely and comprehensively through rapid learning and effective communication by means of corporate service wechat groups, online consultation, etc.

during the epidemic, production technology department organized and uploaded the bill information of each ship in an orderly manner, and then applied for, verified and submitted the uploaded bill information for audit through china (shanghai) international trade single window system platform, with whole process completed online. recently, the 20% refund of port construction fee from shanghai municipal commission of commerce, amounting to rmb 3.74 million, has been paid to the corporate account of the power plant. meanwhile, the power plant actively carried out the declaration of port construction fee information about imported coal, and ensured the accuracy of the input information with the communication and cooperation with maritime and customs departments. it has now received rmb 1.105 million of port construction fee exemption on foreign imports in march.

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