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spic website: changxing gas-fired power generation awarded water-saving enterprise of zhejiang province

recently, sep changxing gas-fired power generation was awarded the title of water-saving enterprise of zhejiang province in 2019.


as a gas-fired power generation enterprise, changxing gas-fired power generation has lower water consumption for power generation compared with coal-fired units. nevertheless, the power plant has not been satisfied with the industry standard, and strives for a higher level of water management to exceed itself and its peers. on the basis of formulating refined water management measures, the power plant has implemented a number of water conservation projects such as the comprehensive utilization improvement of rainwater and the recycling of unit drainage, achieving both economic and social benefits.


in the next stage, changxing gas-fired power generation will set a higher standard for itself, and work hard to fulfill its commitment as a central soe to the society to "practice 'two mountains' concept and provide green energy".

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