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spic website: tianji power plant endeavors to ensure power supply for holiday during epidemic

recently, tianji power plant, in accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and power supply guarantee for festival, made plans in advance, organized related activities meticulously, and implemented various epidemic prevention and work safety measures to ensure the safety and stability of power generation during the festival. the power plant generated 52.5 gwh of electricity in total, realizing continuous safe production for 3,254 days.

before the tomb-sweep day holiday, the power plant issued the "power supply guarantee measures for tomb-sweeping day holiday in 2020" in advance, reasonably arranged the shift work during the holiday, clarified the responsibilities of leadership and supervision as well as the key points of work, and ensured the implementation in place. the human resources department of the power plant formulated a rotation plan for the employees sticking to their posts for a number of days without stop during the epidemic, and arranged a reasonable rest  for them on the premise of not affecting various aspects of work.

while focusing on work safety, the power plant has accomplished epidemic prevention and control work as always, revised the "work plan on novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and safety guarantee of tianji power plant (version b)" immediately in the light of the latest requirements from the local epidemic prevention agency, and organized the staff of various departments on duty to study it timely, and required each department to check the health of employees effectively, so as to ensure the materials, measures and regulatory responsibilities of epidemic prevention in place, and to fully guarantee the physical health and life safety of employees.

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