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spic website: sep solidly promotes overseas epidemic control, production stabilization

recently, sep has implemented "ten major measures" to provide full support for overseas subsidiaries and projects to complete epidemic prevention and work stabilization, so as to ensure the health and safety of their employees overseas.

in terms of raising awareness and implementing work responsibilities, the company held four meetings within a week to timely convey the spirit of a series of meetings at higher levels, to study and deploy overseas epidemic prevention and production stability, and established a special workgroup on overseas epidemic prevention and control.

in terms of strengthening regional coordination, international business department is requested to take the lead in the relevant connection and coordination work in accordance with spic's requirement to designate sep as the regional co-lead unit in turkey, and the follow-up work shall be carried out by the turkish preparatory office as necessary.

regarding the establishment of multi-level and multi-channel medical security system, all overseas units should make preplans according to different situation and characteristics of different countries and regions.

regarding the epidemic prevention material support, the company has sent a batch of epidemic prevention materials to all overseas units, and will according to the needs of the resident staff of all overseas institutions, the company should attempt to complement drugs for chronic disease and chinese patent medicine.

on caring for the staff, the company should place the personal safety of overseas employees as top priority, strengthen humanistic care, ensure that the human resources department promptly implement the "point incentive" policy and provide timely rewards, and make sure that the international business department and overseas units refine the rotation plan of overseas personnel together, in order to carry out the relevant plan immediately once the conditions are in place.

on ensuring the flow of information, the company should insist on information delayering, establish overseas epidemic prevention and control information wechat groups covering the company leaders and related leaders of various departments and overseas subsidiaries, in addition to improving contact between various professional work groups of different levels, so as to timely convey the spirit and requirements of conference and document, and communicate and share experience.

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