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spic website: little scissors spread love, voluntary haircuts warm hearts

at the beginning of the new year of 2020, a sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic took people by surprise. in order to fight the epidemic and ensure power supply, a large number of employees at tianji power plant voluntarily gave up their spring festival holidays and weekends and devoted themselves to the epidemic prevention and power supply guarantee work on the front line, not knowing that more than a month had passed. due to the impact of the epidemic, many barbershops and hair salons suspended business, which made hairdressing become a major problem in the lives of employees. in this regard, the party branch and labor union of the power plant set up a "haircut volunteer service team", which recruited eight volunteers to cut hair for the power plant staff for free.

on february 24, 2020, which marks longtaitou, or dragon head-raising day, on which many chinese believe that a new hairdo that day will bring good luck, the volunteer service team officially opened for business. all the volunteers and colleagues carried out the requirements for epidemic prevention conscientiously, checked their body temperatures, wore masks properly throughout the whole process, and kept the distance between people to the greatest extent, with regular disinfection and room ventilation.

the busy figure of the volunteers became a beautiful scenery in this war against covid-19. having their hair cut by the volunteers, the colleagues of the power plant were refreshed with a new look, and continued to throw themselves into the work of fighting the epidemic and maintaining power supply.

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