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in the battle to prevent and control the epidemic, there is no single force fighting alone in the family of spic, only people of one mind working together to overcome the difficulties.

on january 22, spic party leadership group secretary and chairman qian zhimin conveyed the concerns and greetings of spic leadership to hubei branch by telephone, which quickly reached the hearts of all cadres and employees. subsequently, spic party leadership group deputy secretary, president and board director jiang yi made rapid deployment of epidemic prevention and control, and the company immediately issued an emergency notice on the prevention of novel coronavirus. the day before the lockdown of wuhan, hubei province, then the epicenter of the virus, all the spicers in the main battlefield against the epidemic felt reassured that they are not alone.

at the end of january, the epidemic prevention supplies were in emergency. the safety of 24 projects  and more than 1,000 cadres and employees of spic in hubei was concerning the entire company. aimed at protecting the material supplies for the front-line employees in hubei and wuhan undertaking the task of ensuring power supply, spic forged ahead against the difficulties. the materials workgroup under spic epidemic prevention and control leading group coordinated the procurement and allocation work with various affiliated units of spic at home and abroad, and managed to send 28,000 protective masks, more than 500 bottles of disinfectant, alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials in batches to a number of project companies in wuchang, jingmen, suizhou, etc. under hubei branch.

at present, hubei regional coordination and joint prevention mechanism led by spic hubei branch is in good operation, which has closely united 11 subordinated units of spic in hubei and formed a strong synergy to solve difficulties through interaction and cooperation in the current state of emergency.

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