detail spic insists on 'people-买球app软件 spic insists on 'people-oriented' approach to win virus fight

"to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control is a matter of life and death. as a 'people-centered' political party, we must take caring for employees as the most important task at the most critical moment of epidemic prevention, deepen, refine and carry out the anti-epidemic measures in place, and especially become the strong backing of the families of our staff whose family members are fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control." at a special videoconference on epidemic prevention and control of spic held on february 2, everyone reached a consensus. since the company deployed the epidemic prevention and control work, spic has been insisting on "people-oriented" approach and refining the practical action of caring for employees, which has achieved good results.

on february 11, spic issued a "notice on further strengthening epidemic prevention and completing safe and orderly resumption of work and production", deploying 21 specific actions and measures from three aspects, namely, solidly carrying out "carpet-type and grid-based" investigation, comprehensively enhancing the management of closed operation of power plants, and fully implementing the control measures of resuming production and work, which further strengthened epidemic prevention and control within the system of spic, ensured the safe and orderly resumption of production and work, and also provided support for vast numbers of employees to work with peace of mind.

at present, with gradual resumption of work and production in various affiliated companies, whether it is the much-needed remote office "cloud" system, or the staff's concerns about meals and transportation to and from work, spic has devoted a lot of thoughts and efforts to addressing the real difficulties of the staff through doing every little bit for them, paying attention to details and increasing cohesion of the staff with loving care, and has thus created a new situation of work and production resumption efficiently.

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