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china electric power news: sepm to guard gate against covid-19

with the severe situation of covid-19 epidemic in china, the epidemic prevention and control team of sepm was confronted with the challenge of ensure that the employees on leave in china could return to work in malta in an orderly and safe manner. sepm party branch held two consecutive branch committee meetings to strictly implement the related epidemic prevention and control arrangements and requirements of spic and sep, to rigidly perform relevant prevention and control procedures for the personnel returning from domestic leave approved by spic after the spring festival holiday, and especially stressed that the company shall never allow employees to leave the country with illness, and shall do a good job of home isolation.

being abroad, sepm is keenly aware of the importance of brand building and always keeps a close eye on the public opinion in the host country. since the outbreak of the epidemic, there have been cacophonies in many parts of the world, which posed a challenge to the positive corporate image that sepm has built up in malta and montenegro over the past five years as an overseas subsidiary of chinese enterprise. in the past five years, the company has always been adhering to the original aspiration of "cleaner energy, better life", and has gone deep into the local community, taken root in the local area, and created a business card of sep in malta and montenegro. faced with the epidemic, the company submitted an answer sheet to the local community with timely, decisive and thoughtful prevention and control procedures. to guard the gate well is the obligation of a responsible chinese enterprise.

as of february 13, 2020, all the employees returning to malta and montenegro had signed a commitment to work resumption and returned to their posts except one who was still at home quarantine. there are no confirmed or suspected cases of covid-19 at sepm currently, including the staff and outsourcing personnel, all of whom have no history of residence or contact in the affected areas.

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