detail china's largest investment project in turkey carries out construction normally despite covid-买球app软件 china's largest investment project in turkey carries out construction normally despite covid-19 impact

on february 10, 2020, hunutlu thermal power plant project, invested and constructed by sep, held a meeting on safe construction during the epidemic in yumurtalik county, adana province, turkey. the leadership group of the project owner, emba electricity production inc. (emba), reported to the general contractor, main subcontractors and supervision company on how the project site would deal with the difficulties and challenges including obstruction of construction personnel entering the site and delayed shipment of equipment and materials caused by the epidemic, and mobilized all the participating units to gather strength and overcome the difficulties together to ensure safe and orderly construction of the project.

as a flagship project linking the china-proposed belt and road initiative with turkey's middle corridor plan, the construction progress of hunutlu thermal power plant has attracted the attention of the two governments. since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in china, how to properly address the epidemic prevention and control for nearly 1,000 construction workers at the project site has become the most important task of emba.

as early as january 26, the second day of the lunar new year, sep kicked off the emergency measures of epidemic control, requiring emba employees who returned to china for the spring festival holiday to postpone returning to turkey temporarily. the construction personnel from domestic participating companies shall not be sent to the construction site in turkey for the time being, while those at the turkish construction site shall not get in or out of the site to avoid the infection of the virus.

after the outbreak of the epidemic, various participating units determined to adopt methods such as introducing local construction teams in turkey and increasing local employees to reduce the impact that chinese construction teams were unable to enter the site.

through all the above methods, emba managed to defend the bottom line of "never let the virus enter the site". in addition, the company attempted to adjust the construction processes and utilize localized resources properly to minimize the impact of the epidemic.

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