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spic website: sep kanshan power plant strictly guard 'five passes' to fight epidemic, ensure power supply

recently, in the face of the sudden covid-19 outbreak, all departments of kanshan power plant made joint efforts to strictly guard the passes of "ideology,  factory entry, production, logistics and personnel" in order to fight the epidemic and ensure power supply.

to control the "ideology pass", the power plant party committee timely released the central spirit, superior deployment and official authoritative information through the official wechat account and wechat workgroup to guide the staff to understand, prevent and control the epidemic scientifically and ensure an appropriate ideological understanding of all staff.

to guard the "factory entry pass", the power plant strengthened the gatekeeper control efforts, strictly implemented screening and temperature measurement registration system, required all the personnel back to work to sign the "health commitment for work resumption", prohibited  unrelated personnel from entering the plant, and requested non-native personnel who must enter the power plant to confirm their trip within 14 days and sign the "health certificate for non-native personnel".

to control the "production pass", the power plant attempted to protect the health of the staff while paying attention to the stable operation of production safety, and ensured that the production crew enhance self-protection, strengthen the inspection of field equipment, and eliminate the defects in time to maintain the equipment safety.

to guard the "logistics pass", the power plant made daily check and analysis of the epidemic prevention materials inventory, accelerated the procurement of all kinds of protection and disinfection materials. logistics department improved dining guarantee work, with stricter standards to strengthen the canteen hygiene and disinfection, and the cleaning staff conducted disinfection of public places such as the central control room and office space every day to ensure adequate safeguarding of key areas.

to control the "personnel pass", the power plant has once again launched a "grid-style and carpet-type" investigation, verifying the movement track of all employees and outsourcing personnel since the spring festival holiday and required them to sign an endorsement. all the personnel coming from outside of xuzhou, jiangsu province, where the power plant is located, needed to complete a 14-day isolation observation before resuming work. the power plant asked the employees and outsourcing personnel to stay home without going out after work, kept record of the movement track and the temperature of the personnel and their family members every day, and paid attention to the psychological health of the staff, so as to ensure the health of employees and team stability.

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