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spic website: sep luojing power plant improves work resumption amid epidemic control through 'six alls'

in order to improve the resumption of production and work during epidemic prevention and control period, sep luojing power plant strictly implemented epidemic control measures, completed "six alls" effort, resolutely carried out all the measures in place, and built an impregnable fortress for epidemic control.

all public areas and production and living areas should be strictly disinfected and sterilized to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention; a comprehensive inspection and maintenance and rectification of hidden danger troubleshooting should be conducted on all production facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of facilities and equipment; all units should combine with the characteristics of the enterprise itself, improve system preplans, study and formulate practical and feasible schemes for the resumption of production and work, implement the details of various safety precautions and emergency disposal measures, organize the resumption of production and work strict in accordance with standard procedures, and make timely reports on the resumption of work and production; all members of the leadership team, department heads and safety management personnel will arrive at their posts in advance and perform their duties; all the employees should truthfully report their personal health status, consciously accept epidemic prevention testing and inspection, and strictly implement personal protective measures in line with epidemic prevention requirements; the power plant should enable all the staff to take part in a safety education training  through various means such as wechat groups on the premise of complying with epidemic prevention requirements.

luojing power plant required all the departments to further enhance political awareness, overall situation awareness, unexpected development awareness and responsibility awareness, implement the responsibility strictly, convey the "six alls" control measures to all employees timely, and improve epidemic prevention and post-holiday production organization comprehensively.

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