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spic website: sep wages logistics war against time

recently, two dampers, which were the key equipment needed for the overhaul of unit 1 of spic shandong nuclear power company ltd., ran into logistics obstacles on its way after being recalled and repaired. this batch of equipment was returned to the original factory in germany for repair and test through the german lisega group, and then would be sent to the logistics warehouse located in huqingping road, shanghai via the us courier services company ups. however, due to the impact of the epidemic, there was no one at work with ups and thus the relevant procedures could not be handled, which called for emergency coordination.

as soon as wang yundan, chairman of sep, also the leading company of spic in shanghai area, learned the information, he took command of the situation immediately, and thus a "logistics battle" against the time began at sep.

on the evening of february 5, 2020, under the instructions of the company leaders, sep international business department immediately communicated with shanghai municipal commission of commerce, foreign affairs office and commercial affairs office of the u.s. consulate general, and proposed to coordinate with ups to take delivery of the goods as soon as possible to ensure the power supply. on february 6, according to the information provided by shanghai municipal commission of commerce, sep successively contacted the commissions of commerce and logistics associations of qingpu and minhang districts without stop, but in vain.

in the face of setbacks, sepers are always more than brave. wang yundan contacted the shanghai municipal commission of commerce in person asking for coordination, which brought a silver lining. thanks to the unremitting efforts of foreign economic affairs office and foreign investment office of municipal commission of commerce, the company finally got in touch with the person in charge of ups public relations department in shanghai and found the breakthrough to solve the problem. subsequently, sep concentrated all the firepower, quickly established a wechat workgroup together with snerdi and lisega, checked the cargo information, and coordinated with ups for handling the special case with special methods. at the same time, ups immediately coordinated with the manager of hongqiao station to find the goods, and specially permitted the staff of snerdi and lisega to go to the warehouse to find the goods and handle the warehousing procedures under the premise of taking proper protective measures.

at about 4:50 p.m. on february 6, three and a half hours after getting into contact with the designated ups personnel, snerdi and lisega personnel completed the cargo search and pick-up procedures.

a "logistics campaign" of less than 24 hours drew to an end successfully, during which sep staff once again demonstrated the unique "three thousands hardworking spirit", i.e. exhausting thousands of words and methods to overcome thousands of hardships, with practical action once again.

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