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spic website: sep caojing power plant redeploys and reimplements epidemic fight actively

recently, sep caojing power plant has conducted a special restudy, redeployment and reimplementation on further improving the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control efforts. the power plant united and led the broad masses of party members and staff to resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the cpc central committee, enhance confidence and solidarity, and conduct scientific prevention and control with targeted measures. in accordance with the deployment and requirements of spic, sep and shanghai chemical industry park (scip) on epidemic prevention and control, the power plant comprehensively analyzed the epidemic prevention situation at present, and sorted out the relevant work before resuming production, so as to ensure the smooth operation of both epidemic prevention and power supply guarantee.

the power plant put forward a few requirements for all the staff as follows: first, improve the political stance and perform responsible performance. be firmly aware of the overall situation, the political situation, and the sense of responsibility, take the strictest measures to meet the requirements of the party, the state and higher authorities, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control without leaving any corner. second, issue an open letter to all employees and contractors, all of whom are members of the power plant and are valuable assets of the plant. regulations are set for employees to sign the "health commitment for returning to work" at home and before returning to work, in order to stipulate the matters such as entering and leaving the power plant during the epidemic prevention and control period, routine work and other matters. the novel coronavirus prevention and control manual (trial) is required to be handed out to every employee for learning. third, strictly implement the requirements of scip, provide all employees who return to work with the "employee health statement" verified and sealed by the power plant for reference at any time. fourth, provide logistical support, continue to promote the procurement of epidemic prevention materials, and strengthen the disinfection of public places such as the centralized control room, auxiliary control room, offices, dining halls, dormitories, toilets and access control systems. 52 shift teams are responsible for daily disinfection of their own workplaces, which is arranged by their respective shift leaders. the office building sets two independent offices as temporary isolation places to facilitate the temporary isolation of employees with abnormal body temperature. fifth, strengthen the management of commuter buses. on the basis of the existing operating buses and on-duty vehicles equipped with temperature-measuring instruments, each of the 16 daily commuter buses of the power plant should appoint two temperature-measuring persons to measure the temperature of the employees on board, and dissuade those with abnormal physical conditions from getting on the bus. effectively implement all measures for the mass prevention and mass control to ensure that all employees return to work in a healthy and safe manner. sixth, arrange dining in the canteen in batches and in different periods. the dining chairs on one side of the canteen should be removed and face to face dining should be eliminated. encourage the staff to take away meals, or have meals on the second floor of the dining hall, in order to reduce the personnel density. seventh, the safety control on the production site should be strengthened, the progress of unnecessary work should be adjusted in time, and the monitoring and personal protection of operation staff should be completed well. eighth, conduct the purchase of limestone, liquid ammonia and other materials necessary for production and incoming reserve properly, and accomplish the declaration work for the vehicles entering the power plant according to the requirements of scip. ninth, guide the public opinion in a positive way, and do not believe or spread rumors. continue to make good publicity and reporting on the prevention and control efforts of caojing power plant.

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