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spic website: sep waigaoqiao power plant to ensure power supply in virus fight

to ensure safe power generation in the special period is the top priority of power supply during the spring festival in 2020. sep waigaoqiao power plant has been making best effort to guarantee the smooth progress of power supply in the fight against the novel coronavirus during this unusual spring festival.

since spic issued an notification on prevention against the novel coronavirus on january 22, 2020, and shanghai municipal government held a work conference on the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control on january 24, which launched a major public health emergency first-level response mechanism and carried out the strictest science-based prevention and control measures, waigaoqiao power plant has implemented all kinds of incoming inspection and quarantine, refined and executed various joint prevention and control measures, strengthened epidemic prevention knowledge propaganda and popularization, enhanced self-health consciousness of the staff including outsourcing and peripheral workers, and strictly complied with the requirements of the state, shanghai municipal government, spic and sep to ensure personnel health and public safety.

waigaoqiao power plant distributed n95 masks and vitamin c effervescent tablets to all the staff, released health tips for preventing infection, and all the staff were required to report their health information every day, and the power plant leaders paid regular visits to the operation, maintenance, fuel management workers on the front line of power supply guarantee and conveyed sincere greetings. every move and every aspect of the power plant demonstrated the social responsibility of the enterprise.

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