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spic website: sep changxing gas-fired power generation instrument control team honored national quality trustworthy title

recently, sep changxing gas-fired power generation instrument control maintenance team has been awarded the honorary title of national quality trustworthy team, which was announced by zhejiang quality association. this is the first time for the shift team of the power plant to win the title, which highly affirmed the shift team construction work conducted by the power plant.
changxing gas-fired power generation instrument control maintenance team followed the "quality trustworthy team construction guidelines", and carried out shift team quality construction work focused on demand determination, construction planning, construction process and construction effect. on the basis of demand survey, the daily work of the shift team has been comprehensively sorted out to address the deficiencies accurately. at the same time, scientific tools and methods have been adopted to form the construction plan, formulate a series of feasible plans and implement them one by one. finally, related experience has been summarized and refined to form a long-term mechanism to push the team towards constant improvement. through this activity, the shift team has greatly enhanced the level of equipment and facilities management, safety and environmental protection management, performance management, task management, emergency management, personnel training and other aspects, creating an atmosphere of "quality foremost" within the team.
in the process of striving for the "national power industry quality award" in recent years, changxing gas-fired power generation has vigorously promoting the construction of qhse shift teams by "attaching importance to top performers and those lagging behind while encouraging the middle group", striving to integrate the quality management concept with the frontline shift teams at the grassroots, and actively creating a grassroots operation and maintenance team with excellent skills and first-class service.

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