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spic website: sep wins honors in national 'ankang cup' contest again

recently, sep was awarded the title of "advanced unit" again and shi peigang from sep production department was honored the title of "advanced individual" at the national "ankang cup" competition, safety culture promotion, evaluation and commendation work in 2019, co-organized by all-china federation of trade unions and ministry of emergency management.
sep has always been adhering to the guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th cpc national congress, centering around the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" closely, insisting on the principle of "life foremost, safety first", giving full play to the facilitation of safety culture propaganda work for the production safety work of the enterprise, and continuing to build an ideal safety culture environment, guiding vast numbers of workers to cultivate good habits of work safety, and further laying a solid foundation for work safety through careful organization and carrying out the national "ankang cup" contest extensively, which has made positive contributions to achieving the work safety goal of "zero death" and realizing sustained stability in work safety.

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