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spic website: sep liangji new energy huzhou hongta pv power plant conquers typhoon lekima

typhoon lekima, the 9th typhoon of the year, continued to strengthen with the whole gale passing through the provinces of zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong, hebei, etc. successively. along the route of typhoon lekima are 12 pv power plants of sep liangji new energy located in huzhou of zhejiang province, hai'an and sihong of jiangsu province, qinhuangdao of hebei province and haiyang of shandong province, with severe situation of typhoon prevention. among them, huzhou hongta pv power plant is located in the center of the typhoon path and thus its situation is the most worrying. at 1:45 am august 10, the typhoon made landfall in the coastal area of chengnan town, wenling city, zhejiang province, with the landfall location only about 100 km away from huzhou pv power plant. the typhoon made a landfall with the strength of super typhoon, with the central maximum winds near 52 meters per second and the central pressure of 930 hpa.


located in hefu town, nanxun district, huzhou city with beautiful scenery. huzhou power plant covers an area of 1,800 mu and has a total installed capacity of 66.5 mw. it is a typical fishery-pv hybrid power plant and also a major pv power plant of liangji new energy in the region of jiangsu and zhejiang. it is the first time for the power plant to confront the direct impact of a super typhoon since the commercial operation began in august 2017, and thus how to cope with it has been put to test.


according to the emergency notice requirements of sep on guarding against typhoon lekima, liangji new energy held a special meeting on typhoon and flood prevention on the morning of august 9, and general manager of the company made a detailed arrangement of the related preparation work of typhoon and flood prevention, set up an emergency work group on typhoon prevention with the relevant leaders in charge, and appointed related personnel to the power plant to instruct the preparation work.


the fight against typhoon lekima is the first time for liangji new energy to combat typhoon in a real sense since its founding. before the fight, the company made deployment in advance, with the cadres and the masses both ready to go into action. during the combat against typhoon, the company adhered to the "people-oriented" purpose and the principle of "ensuring personal and equipment safety", and fought bravely with concerted efforts of all. as a result, there was no occurrence of personal casualties and equipment accidents during the typhoon. the company withstood the test of typhoon and won the fight against super typhoon lekima with an all-round victory, which accumulated valuable experience for the company to confront various disaster weather events in future.

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