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spic website: sep changxing gas-fired power generation wins top prize at national quality innovation contest

recently, the 4th national quality innovation competition was held in hangzhou, and the innovation project titled "elevator system for gas turbine environmental protection detection" by sep changxing gas-fired power generation was awarded the highest technical achievement at the "qic-v" level. this is the latest achievement of the power plant in its bid to become a benchmark 9f-class gas-fired power plant, and also the highest honor won by the power plant at its first attempt to participate in the competition on behalf of sep.


the hrsg elevator renovation project by changxing gas-fired power generation has set a precedent for domestic gas-fired power plants to combine the renovation of hrsg elevator and stack ladder. the exhaust gas emission cems sampling platform of the hrsg of the two units is located at the 44-meter platform of the stack. before the transformation, it would take 10 minutes for the environmental protection operators to reach the sampling platform from the steam drum platform, and they can only carry equipment with maximum weight of 5 kg at a time. after the implementation of the project, the travel time between the steam drum platform and the cems sampling platform was greatly reduced to 15 seconds, and the rated load was greatly increased to 400 kg, which ensured the efficient operation of environmental protection, facilitated the orderly operation and maintenance of power generation equipment, and thus improved the stability of work safety.


only those innovators make progress and get stronger. as a production-oriented enterprise, changxing gas-fired power generation always spares no effort in quality innovation and technological breakthrough. xi jinping, general secretary of the cpc central committee, pointed out that problems are the starting point and driving force of innovation, and stressed that innovation is a systematic project. in order to advocate "entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence-creating", changxing gas-fired power generation demonstrates a strong "problem awareness", creates a good innovative atmosphere, cultivates excellent innovative talents, and accumulates a profound innovation foundation with the ability to discover problems, the perseverance to study problems and the courage to solve problems. looking to the future, the power plant will continue to vigorously promote innovation around the central work, create value with heart, energy and wisdom, and make greater contributions to sep in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

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