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spic website: sep operation qc activities win prizes at national power industry competition

as an old saying goes, those who achieve great things are good at doing small things and focus on details. sep operation is characterized by "small, practical, dynamic and new", and adheres to conducting qc group activities focusing on the highlights and difficulties at work, which has finally achieved fruitful results. according to the results announced at the 2019 national electricity industry excellent quality management team results display and exchange conference in early august, sep operation tianji project department qc team won the grand prize for the achievement titled "shorten standard-exceeding length of desulfurization system gypsum waste water turbidity", and caojing power generation project department qc team won the first prize for the achievement titled "improve standard-reaching rate of water desalination system" among all the 382 achievements of the power generation classification.


at the on-site release conference, the two qc team members of sep operation made the on-site presentation with clear logic, detailed and rigorous content, novel and unique ideas, significant practical value in a simple but profound manner, which was highly appraised by the judges. finally, their qc results were honored awards, which won the glory and established the brand image for sep operation.


with the strong support of sep and the leaders of the company, sep operation established qc teams and made joint efforts to solve various problems, always adhering to the principle of "small, practical, dynamic and new", combining command with autonomy, focusing on the highlights and difficult problems of the company. the coverage rate of qc activities on the level of departments and production shift teams has been increased year by year, creating a strong atmosphere of innovation and improvement, so that innovation and improvement has been deeply rooted in every link of production and management. the staff's innovation consciousness and team cooperation ability has also been greatly improved, which has inspired all to continue to carry out such activities and firmed the determination to constantly solve various technical problems in production management and ensure the safe production of electricity. in recent years, various qc teams of sep operation have successfully completed a number of major quality research projects in chemistry, desulfurization, ash removal and other specialties. the company will convert the excellent achievements made this time to the driving force in future, and continue to encourage each project department and shift team to carry out qc team activities and strive for greater results. at the same time, it will encourage various shift teams to actively carry out the construction of quality trustworthy team, in order to further improve and deepen the company's quality work.

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