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spic website: sep awarded outstanding brand communication company

recently, in the sixth annual conference of chinese enterprise media and brand communication held by china enterprise culture federation, sep was awarded the "outstanding company of chinese enterprise all-media communication system construction and brand communication".


since the 18th cpc national congress, sep party committee has been deeply implementing general secretary xi jinping's important remarks on "integrated development with media in all-media era", centering on the vision of striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise, attaching great importance to and strengthening enterprise all-media system construction and brand communication, striving to build the entire media, holographic media, all-staff media and total-effect media, and constantly improving the spreading force and influence of the enterprise brand. the company established the sep newspaper, sep quarterly, the official website in both chinese and english, wechat official account, monthly advertising video and other related communication platforms, set up a series of rules and regulations such as administration measures for news propaganda, news spokesman system and new media management measures, promoted in-depth development of media integration and brand communication solidly, provided strong support for the reform, development and stability of the enterprise, and achieved remarkable results. in 2018, the company was reported more than 40 times by cctv, people's daily, jiefang daily and other media.


at the first china international import expo (ciie) held in shanghai, the introduction of china's first h-class gas turbine by sep was covered by cctv news and appeared on "xinwen lianbo" on cctv1. two features titled "chinese enterprise drives japanese farmers to get rich, 10 times rent vitalizes deserted farmland" and "my dream is to go back to hometown along with the belt and road" respectively were released on the program of "the belt and road with me" on cctv, and thus sep became the only company that was selected by cctv and had two projects broadcast on the same column. sep adheres to releasing sustainable development report of the company every year, and has been honored the best social responsibility report award of chinese electric power industry, the outstanding enterprise award of shanghai listed companies corporate social responsibility summit and other related prizes.

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