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spic website: 4 units of tianji power plant win awards in national thermal power unit efficiency competition

recently, china electricity council (cec) announced the result on the national thermal power unit efficiency benchmarking in 2018. unit 4 and unit 3 of sep tianji power plant were awarded aaaaa class and aaaa class of 600 mw-class ultra-supercritical wet cooling units respectively, and unit 2 and unit 1 were awarded aaaaa class and aaa class of 600 mw-class supercritical wet cooling units respectively, marking the first time that all the four units participated in the competition and won prizes since the power plant went into production.


in 2018, focusing on the requirement to "establish and maintain the benchmark" proposed by spic chairman qian zhimin during his survey at the beginning of the year, tianji power plant adhered to scientific management and lean management with market-oriented approach, insisted on technological innovation and management innovation, attached great importance to the comprehensive energy-saving management of the units, and kept strict control on the key energy consumption indicators of production. at daily work, with the help of benchmarking management platform, the power plant conducted dynamic quantitative comparison on six key index systems, integrated the equipment rehabilitation with scientific and standardized operation and management, compiled and improved 12 technical measures such as "technical measures on in-depth peak load operation" and 13 thematic analyses such as "impact analysis of blending combustion of inferior coal on unit operation", came up with a number of practical solutions, and finally made remarkable achievements. tianji power plant created a series of development milestones in 2018, completed power generation of 13.073863 billion kwh, hitting a record high, including thermal power generation of 13.06708 billion kwh and pv power generation of 6.783 million kwh. as of august 13, 2018, the power plant had generated 100 billion kwh of electricity since commercial operation. unit 3 had been in continuous operation for 331 days from march 1, 2018 to january 25, 2019, which is the longest continuous operation record in the history of unit 3.


in 2019, tianji power plant will follow spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" and sep's requirements for the construction and application of the two systems of "strategy-program-plan" and jykj, advance the contractor safety construction demonstration, fine operation management, electricity market operation, benchmarking management, comprehensive budget management, quality management, standardized management, etc. solidly, endeavor to become the "model" enterprise of sep, and assist sep in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.

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