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spic feature: sidelights on waigaoqiao power plant overhaul of bucket wheel machine a

bucket wheel machine undertakes the responsibility of coal stacking and feeding at a coal-fired power plant. the bucket wheel machine a at sep waigaoqiao power plant has become outdated after more than 20 years of operation. the hopper was under-loaded, with slow movement of various parts, which made it difficult to improve the speed of unloading and the accuracy of loading, and thus led to the delay of coal ship and the fluctuation of unit load, and could even affect the production and operation of the power plant. the overhaul and technical renovation of the bucket wheel machine a became imperative, and the start date of the project was set on april 10 this year.


according to the plan of incoming ship and stockpile replenishment, the bucket wheel machine a should be restored to service by april 25, or else the power plant would be faced with the urgent problem of coal shortage, which meant that it would take only 15 days to complete the overhaul project for the bucket wheel machine a, involving equipment disassembly and lifting, electrical wiring and debugging as well as various difficulties of cross operations and many uncertainties. the power plant's fuel department head has already made his promise in front of the plant leaders: 鈥淏y the middle shift on april 25, the bucket wheel machine a will definitely be back to normal work!" can the electrical control team which is responsible for repairing the "brain" of this giant get it moving on schedule?


at around 6 pm april 25, people were coming and going in and out of the bucket wheel machine, excitedly waiting for the moment of production. at the word of command from the central control room, various parts of the machine began to run smoothly; the cantilever belt machine started, the bucket wheel rolled up, the indonesian coal from a2 field was slowly taken up, swallowed into the hopper, then landed on the 7a belt machine, and slowly extended towards the boiler like a long dragon.


after 15 busy days and nights, more than 360 hours, the bucket wheel machine a was put back into operation at waigaoqiao power plant. the glowing machine waved its arms and stepped forward to announce its rebirth under the setting sun.

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